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For those who have lost teeth over the years, dentures can often be a saving grace on first impressions - relatively cheap, long-lasting & a solution to unsightly gaps.
But how do they compare to the modern, cutting-edge treatments, like dental implants?
Dentures, false teeth on a plastic or metal base, are a great option for replacing many missing or lost teeth, and have a relatively long life span of
5 years.
However, when compared to newer treatments like dental implants, dentures tend to pale in comparison.
Dental Implants
Dental Implants are special metal pegs placed directly into the jaw that hold a permanent, false tooth on top. Implants also tend to remove a lot of the issues that dentures wearers face.
No More Loose
For example, dental implants do not prevent you from eating
a steak or an apple -whereas,
if you tried this with a denture, you may find yourself struggling, as dentures can often become wobbly over time as they wear down the jaw bone through prolonged wear!
No more fixative
Implants are also a permanent fixture, meaning that you do not need to waste time or money on the ‘gunky’ fixatives that help to keep dentures in place.
No more
Many who wear dentures
also complain that they are embarrassed to be wearing one, explaining that it can make intimate moments with partners difficult & uncomfortable; not to mention the fear of letting their grandchildren see their false teeth floating in a glass.
Though dentures may seem like a solution to missing teeth, they come with their own ‘teething pains’, and offer no comparison to dental implants.
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