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  Your first choice for lawn care
  A lawn can provide enough oxygen for a family of four, and that’s not
to mention the other physical and mental health benefits of spending more time in your own green space; help it flourish with Oasis.
It’s not a mirage, lawns treated with Oasis from GreenThumb really are that hydrated, healthy and beautiful. Oasis is a specialised water conserver treatment that works
not only to protect lawns from dry weather damage but also ensures they have better access to what they really need – water.
One of the best things about Oasis is its ability to act as insurance
for your lawn against damage from dry weather to come, due to its water-holding power; it’s said prevention is the best cure, after all. By removing the waxy coating from the soil particles; water is
able to penetrate into the to the roots as opposed to sitting on the lawn’s surface or draining right through. Even if a lawn has suffered drought damage, application of Oasis will encourage recovery as
a complement to a good watering programme. In addition to a richer, more vibrant lawn; GreenThumb customers choose Oasis because it significantly reduces the need and cost of watering, from between 50-80%.
Oasis makes remarkable use of any water received, either from rainfall, watering or even morning dew. This helps the lawn not only survive but thrive; it is specifically designed
to aid water absorption, retention and distribution throughout the soil. As it’s being helped to maintain
a stronger overall density; a lawn with a GreenThumb treatment programme that includes Oasis is
better equipped to fight-off such woes as coarse grasses, weeds and diseases.
As well as water, nutrients are also a crucial requirement for a lawn’s health. Nutrients need water to
be able to move through the soil and benefit the grass plant; Oasis improves the nutrients’ ability
to travel to the root zone. Oasis encourages thicker roots, which makes for a much stronger, hardier lawn.
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