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Ascot Square Casual Dining Set with Ceramic Top, Firepit & 2 Casual Dining Benches, £2858,
Cushions, from £24.95, hauslife. and outdoor rug, £49.95
String lights from
         In recent years we’ve seen a shift in the way we want to use outdoor space - gone are the seldom- used uncomfortable patio sets and ushered in are pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in the home. This indoor-outdoor sense of flow is the key, creating relaxed, transitional spaces, perfect for entertaining or sitting out into the wee hours
  Chair, chaplins.
  soft furnishings really bring spaces together
 strings of fairy lights make settings feel intimate and whimsical
Furnishings from inside the home can transform a space - think about layering textures and upping comfort. Outdoor furniture has changed too, embracing a new raft of technology-packed fabrics that can withstand bad weather and look effortlessly stylish - time to upgrade your set?
Above: Kempton Oval Table with 2 Recliners, 4 Side Chairs, Parasol & Base, £2547, Left: Coffee Table, £1790, Go Modern Furniture
Lighting outside is just as important
as inside. Create multi-levels with wall lights, canopies of string lights and more intimate tea lights on tables. This makes such a huge difference to the way you can enjoy the space
Wall light, £55, Garden Trading
There is so much in the news about how we treat our environment that we turned to our gardening guru Matt Biggs for some top tips to make all of our gardens a bit more eco- friendly.
Use those old plastic drink bottles to make great-mini cloches. These will act like little greenhouses and are really useful for protecting your tender plants from the cold and also stop pests from nibbling at tender seedlings. Just cut the top off the bottle and place over the plant but keep an eye on them and remember to water – and remove if it gets too sunny.
Use supermarket plastic trays as seed trays, make holes in the bottom for drainage – also good for storing bulbs as you are drying them out. Old egg boxes are great for chitting potatoes too. Kitchen roll middles cut in half are good as sweet pea root trainers, and deep
too which is ideal, have a look in your recycling box and be creative, it is fun for children to think up ideas and it saves money too.
Bugs are essential for our gardens and we want to encourage them so don’t be
too tidy. Have a corner of the garden that is a bit wild, a pile of logs is great, some stones and rocks to provide shelter and you can build a bug hotel. Kids love doing this and there are lots of different styles and types from a simple stack of straw, wood and canes to the full five-star Ritz for bugs – the choice
is yours! Having more insects in your garden is a great idea, they act as a natural pest control eating the things that want to eat what you want to eat!
To cut down the need for chemicals,
try companion planting – this is a way
of growing mutually beneficial crops together and, for example, French marigolds are a great choice as they give off a strong odour which discourages greenfly and blackfly so perfect for growing near tomatoes, beans and sweetcorn- and they look lovely too. Carrots and leeks are also good mates, leeks ward off carrot fly and carrots repel leek fly but plant plenty of them. There
is lots of advice available on all of these things - some great books about and it is a wonderful way to learn more about your garden and how it works – and help keep our wildlife flourishing too.

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