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T here can be few places in the world more iconic for a road trip than California. A
state that has it all - sublime coastal stretches of monumental scale, pristine natural parks boasting some of the world’s most famous views, cities rich in cultural and historical sites, varied flora and fauna and acres of pristine farmland, visible for miles in all directions. Katie Thomson headed on the road...
Flying into San Francisco International gives you the perfect launchpad from which to explore and in such a rich and varied state there are untold numbers of routes to discover. Some will head straight on Highway One, which can be followed all the way down the coastline
to Los Angeles and beyond, taking in some of the most spectacular scenery on earth on the Big Sur. Or, those seeking dense forests can head north to see the mighty sequoia in the Avenue of Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park or visit the land of the Ewoks in Redwood National & State Park. Heading Eastward you’ll find the monolithic titans of Yosemite and snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada, scales of landscape that feel other-worldly. My own route took in some places I had been fortunate to see before and some new discoveries, using San Francisco as the centre for exploration.
Starting out from San Francisco, we picked up the car and headed straight onto the road, following Highway One from the earliest intersection point. We were heading for Monterey and it is only a two hour drive from the City. Along the way you’ll find some glorious stretches of coast - rugged panoramas blooming in a riot of colour, with the oceans of yellow Coastal Lupins, burnt-orange Californian Poppies and tufts of candy floss coloured Sea Pinks clinging to rocky outcrops. The hardest part will be limiting the number of times you stop for photo-ops, each new bend revealing a different perspective on the crystalline sea. On the way, grab
a bite to eat in Pescadero - a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town straight out of a Western.
Monterey is one of my favourite Californian cities - even without it’s world-famous marine life, the city itself is home to a chambering mix of vistas, from the awe-inspiring coastal views to classic American street scenes - think Victorian-style inns and porches with swing seats with elderly couples enjoying the night air together. It’s not quite sleepy, but certainly not lively either and as such is just a joy to wander through, window shopping and grazing in the many cafés that line the streets. Home for the night in Monterey was equally charming - the Gosby House Inn is everything you yearn for in a boutique night’s stay. Quaintly decorated with a whole host of antiques, comfort is at the centre of life in this little haven and all guest rooms are equipped with a fire - perfect for enjoying a night cap and one of the complimentary homemade cookies, baked fresh everyday.
Part of the Four Sisters Inn group, the Gosby House has that home-away-from-home feel and is ideally located

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