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    this busy city and a fantastic juxtaposition of architecture and the natural world. Additionally lower down you can see some of the incredible buildings from Singapore’s colonial past. This is a city which really stands up and asks to be noticed and there are an impossible number of architectural gems to enjoy.
Across the bay you can see the famous landmark of the Merlion, which is the official mascot of this island nation. Half- fish and half-lion it is a re-imagining of a mermaid and a lion, it is quite wonderful.
We couldn't visit the city without making time to head to a place of worship - they are always some of the most extraordinary sights in Asia - and we chose the Thian Hock Keng Temple. The oldest temple
of the Hokkien people in Singapore, this hallowed space was constructed in 1839. Elements of the building, from the tiles, columns and timber, were recycled from ballasts off Chinese junks and ships - this nod to the ocean ties in to the temple's religious significance as it is dedicated
to Mazu, the Taoist goddess of the sea.
This was built to specifically thank her and pray for safe passage in the unruly seas
- many Hokkiens travelled through such treacherous waters to come to Singapore. Built in a style common in their ancestral homeland of Fujian, the building was also impressively assembled without the use of a single nail.
As we were going to be travelling home the following day we decided to make our way back to the hotel for a relax ahead of our long flight. We stopped off at the Harbour Front area of Bukit Merah where we watched the cruise ships sailing into their berths and the cable cars swinging through the air. However, when the rain started together with lightening, I was so glad that we weren’t up there!
Back at the hotel we were treated to a rum cocktail making class. You can try a contemporary twist on a classic, often made with Navegante, a rum by Master Distiller Richard Seale made exclusively for Capella Singapore. We tried several, although not too many as it was only
4pm. The class finished with us enjoying a delicious Mojito.
As we were about to leave the live music started up so we decided to stay and listen. The group was made up of a trio of men, a singer with guitar, keyboards and drums. They sing in Spanish, and it was a mix of classic and contemporary songs. Definitely crowd pleasers and were more than happy to play requests.
We were not sure what to expect
and read somewhere that you can do Singapore in 3 days. I totally disagree, there is just no way you can make
the most of this totally engaging and fascinating place in so little time, especially if you stay somewhere as palatial as the Capella, because you may never wish to leave your room! I would recommend you have a minimum of 7 days and on leaving make sure you book your return visit!
1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore, 098297.

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