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type of cuisine you could wish for. I discovered that I am particularly fond of a laksa at this time of day, which is a healthy curry soup. My husband never misses an opportunity to feast on Eggs Benedict. Meanwhile to
add to the enjoyment of breakfast we were joined by a peacock, who was extremely interested in what we had on our table, and furthermore performed a wonderful display of his feathers to get our attention!
Once sated it was time to discover Singapore city itself. Sentosa has fantastic connections to the city by road, cable car, pedestrian walkway and monorail, although we chose to use the hotel’s shuttle service, which dropped us at Vivo City - the largest shopping centre in Singapore. After some window shopping my husband was very keen to visit the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, that looks over the Singapore Grand Prix circuit. The hotel’s three pillars symbolise luck, prosperity and longevity in Chinese feng shui.
We took the underground, which must be the cleanest on earth and made our way to the iconic building, although we did have trouble trying to buy tickets, but having managed to do so travelling on the Singapore’s MRT (mass rapid transit) system is probably the fastest way to zip around the city.
Deciding to see the city from the top floor some 56 floors up we paid S$23 each to get to the top and in return you are given S$20 towards a drink of your choice. There we discovered a breath-taking vista with a massive viewing floor, restaurants and bars. Although not the tallest building in Singapore, you are still a long way up and if you suffer with vertigo it's best not to venture too close to the edge.
We enjoyed a refreshing beverage as we watched the toing and froing of
the boats as they zig-zagged across the water, looking no bigger than
ants. The skyline is magnificent - the skyscrapers standing within beautiful parks creating the sense of calm within

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