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                  PL: Why do you love that part of the world?
PA: I’m in the restaurant 7 days a week from early until late but any time you step out, or get a walk on the beach it is truly amazing - I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
PL: You trained as a chef but you are also a businessman - how do you find that?
PA: Well given the choice I would always rather be in the kitchen but as things have evolved I also love the business side - it needs creativity and passion so many of the same qualities as being a chef.
The big advantage is that with Emma and I running the business side of things, I get complete creative freedom with the food - which is the real plus of being a chef/owner
PL: What would you say is the secret of being a good chef?
PA: Taste everything and question everything. Always with my team we
taste the dishes and ask - 'how could they be better? What else could we add to improve it? How do we enhance the depth of flavour?'
PL: And how does that relate to being a good cook?
PA: For the home cook I’d say preparation is key. Get everything ready then relax and cook. Start with simple things and gain confidence out of doing them really well. Take care, so chop say your carrots the same size, then they not only cook uniformly but also look nice. Think about how you will put the food on the plate. Treat ingredients with respect and master the basics. It's also vital to be relentless in finding the best suppliers of ingredients your budget can afford
PL: You have started 2 ventures this year tell me about Mahe?
PA: I’m so excited about Mahe. By day it’s a cookery school. There are only
5 participants on each course, so it’s really intimate and John Walton is such an exceptional chef and brilliant teacher that everyone leaves with confidence and expertise in the kitchen. It’s also a fantastic way for people to meet each other and they usually stay in contact as foodie friends. Then in the evening, up to 10 people get the ultimate chef’s table experience with the complete evening designed around their personal tastes from the food, the drinks , the music the whole ambience.
PL: So that’s pretty high end stuff...but you and Emma have also bought a pub
over in Rock- tell me about that?
PA: Again a lovely location just across the camel estuary. We wanted to do British Classics really well and also celebrate the amazing local produce there is here in Cornwall. Some of those ingredients like Porthilly oysters literally come from 500 yards from the door. People love classic dishes and one of the courses we offer
at Mahe allows people to master some of the recipes we have on the menu at The Mariners.
PL: Now I happen to know one of your guilty food secrets is a ready-made shop sandwich.... What are your favourites?
PA: Ha ha - everyone has a guilty pleasure - Red Leicester, Tomato and Mayo or smoked ham and mustard mayo.
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"Taste everything and question everything. Always with my team we taste the dishes and ask - 'how could they be better?'"

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