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                The Fourteas Story
-A Success Story!!
The Fourteas was originally created by a husband and wife partnership...
Ian and Rachael met whilst stage managing shows at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and little thought, when they first became friends, that one day they would have a family, house and an idyllic 1940s Tea-Room in Stratford Upon Avon! They wanted
a theatrical theme to the Tea -Room and the 1940s was a time when people came together and made most of what they could source locally, using pure ingredients! It seemed the ideal Period. Good quality ingredients produce great products and when that end-result is also offered to the Public with a huge dose of good old-fashion personal service, then Success should be expected! The Fourteas Concept was up and running in no time. Success, naturally followed!
Then, as the years passed by, it was time for Zenios to take over as the new owner of the Business. Zenios is a born Hotelier. He started his Professional Career at The London Ritz followed by
a period of brilliant Top Managerial posts in Five Star Hotels in the Mediterranean. His heart however, was left at The Ritz which marked his service standards ever since! Zenios prefers to call himself an Hotelier not a Manager! He is more of a Host, not an Administrator, and his visitors are treated as guests rather than customers!
The Fourteas is Zenios’ big love!
Although, to some the Tea- Room is a thing of the past, he has developed and enhanced Rachael and Ian’s original concept to
that of what it is today.
A sheer pleasure for
all the senses. Good
hearty Food, the best
Tea and Coffee in town,
pleasant and amicable
Staff and a nostalgic
Forties Ambience which
is obvious the minute somebody enters the Lounge! A unique, different product with masses of a character which cannot be found in today’s modern chain Cafes.
The Fourteas is here to stay!
It’s a passion to maintain that original Forties Lifestyle which brought people together, to celebrate the love for good, simple, sometimes humble things that put a smile in the face.
At the Fourteas they are constantly in Celebration of Life. | 01789 293 908

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