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                Keep the Weather at
Bay with Evolution
Storm Windows
The British weather often causes havoc with the outside of our homes...
Rain, wind, salt spray, frost and snow frequently come to do battle with our windows throughout the autumn and winter season. Old windows may rattle and the paint can start to crack and peel. Even much-needed rays of sunshine can cause traditional, white paintwork to yellow.
Evolution Windows have created a solution to this problem with their next generation Storm Windows: beautifully designed, highly energy efficient, incredibly secure and virtually maintenance free.
Storm windows have been designed to endure our changeable weather conditions. Evolution’s PVCu timber alternative finish emulates the richness and depth of real timber, but without the regular upkeep needed for wooden windows. Instead of time- consuming sanding and painting, they only require an occasional quick wipe down to keep them clean.
Particularly important in winter, Storm windows offer exceptional thermal performance with an outstanding A+13 energy rating and a U value of 1.3, which will help save on energy bills. For even more exceptional energy efficiency, it’s possible to upgrade to triple glazing.
Evolution has chosen the paint used for Storm Windows to ensure remarkable longevity and exceptional resistance. With
Christmas arrangements for separated parents
Now is the time for separated parents to start thinking about making Christmas arrangements
While for many parents the festive season is a special time of year, it can be a trying time after a divorce or separation.
In an ideal world, it would be great to be able to share Christmas with the children, but circumstances can often make this arrangement difficult.
From a family law perspective it is very important that you plan your contact and visiting arrangements in a timely manner before the hectic Christmas period.
Ideally, start discussing the situation with your children’s other parent as early as possible, to give yourself plenty of time to come to an arrangement about times and days to see the children.
If you are on amicable terms with your former partner, sit down together with your diaries to record what is agreed to avoid future disputes.
If not, use an impartial third party or solicitor to liaise over access and put it in writing.
Think about how to divide your children’s time over the period.
added protection against salt and UV light, their paint supplier has upped the ante against the elements and has created a product that is more environmentally friendly, yet will never yellow with age.
Evolution’s Storm windows have been carefully designed to recreate the appearance of timber windows. Intricate, period detailing and innovative technology combine to create this unique window with beautiful aesthetic appeal. And because their windows are bespoke, they can be customized to truly suit your property.
Not only will your home feel warmer and look beautiful, but Storm windows will also keep you safe and secure on winter evenings. An array of innovative security features, as well as easy escape egress hinges, have been tested to British and European Standards and cleverly incorporated into the design.
For further information visit or call 0800 773 4045.
Is having the children over on Christmas Day every other year a good idea or would it be better for your children to have two Christmases; one with each parent?
A little planning well before the holiday season starts can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and arguments.
Our experienced family solicitors are on hand to help you. They have a wide range of expertise and experience to offer you the best guidance. We will do what we can to help you reach a fair outcome as quickly as possible.
Remember Christmas is only a few days out of the whole year. It can be a time of great joy and happiness for your family, so be prepared to be flexible and try to remember to put the children first.
For more information contact the Family Law team at Phillips by calling 01256 460830. You can contact Hayley Eachus directly by calling 01256 854633 or by emailing
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