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                Mandy Casavant, lawyer at Royds Withy King, and Owain Wright, Founder of Care Funding Guidance, look at some of the things to keep in mind when considering a relative’s move to a care home.
Care is a very expensive commodity and the care system can be quite complex. Here’s a Top 10 list of things you’ll need to consider if you have a relative who needs care:
1. Find out if you have to
pay for your care - not
everyone has to meet their
own care costs and not all
assets are included in the 4. (£23,250) means test. For
example, some life policies are disregarded, but you may still be viewing them as an asset to be included when considering the capital limits.
2. Know your local council’s
stance - it is best to know
the framework your council
works around. There are some websites that list Wiltshire’s 5. policies and guidance, such as and www.yourcareyoursupportwiltshire.
3. Claim your free money - if you are paying for your own
care, there could be up to £13,167 a year to be claimed in state benefits.
Get your paperwork in order
- you absolutely must have Lasting Powers of Attorney
for Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare in place and ensure that your relative’s Will is up to date and relevant. These are usually done as part of a broader estate planning review with a qualified professional.
Find out if you should cap the total cost of care - care fee annuities enable you to pay for your care by writing just one cheque. But the cost varies with age so you’ll need to find out how much it would cost for your relative.
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