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With care much in the news it is always good to get the insider view from a local care provider and we spoke to Kinga Dabrowska from Ridgeway Rise Care Home about the challenges and rewards of the care sector...
Ridgway Rise is a purpose built, luxury care home offering nursing, residential, dementia and respite care, with this as a base what activities and events are on offer for residents throughout the year, and especially at Christmas, such an important time and one which your residents will have family memories of...
We try to make every day special at Ridgeway Rise; Christmas or Wednesday, we celebrate every day and every resident. We link with Care Home Ambassadors from a local school, also different groups and organisations and we regularly invite our local community to get involved in life and fun at our Home. Ridgeway Rise runs a Dream Catcher project, where we look into residents’ life history and identify any special wishes or dreams that we could help fulfil.
So far we have organised a Classic Car Show for a resident who used to own a vintage automobile and missed driving
it; a doggie walk for Rosemary, who lost her beloved friend and thought that,
due to being in a wheelchair, she would never be able to walk a dog again; retired officer John was visited by a soldier and an army dog; Val, who is an artist had
an art exhibition and sale of her artwork. We have regular features in our diaries, including: Green Fingers, Wake Up Your Senses, Move & Grove or Jackanory sessions. We also hold an Event of the Month, which could be a celebration of a national holiday, special awareness day or performance offered by external entertainers.
Food plays such an important part in the daily routine of people who may not be very mobile, it punctuates the day – how do you source the food and decide on the menus?
Our chefs appreciate the need for versatility in our residents’ dietary needs. Whether it’s making that special Sunday roast, responding to midweek cravings, specific traditional dishes or mouth- watering cakes and pastries, chef Jo and Chef Cosmin welcome the challenge with excitement and enthusiasm. Our menus change with seasons, on a four-weekly basis. We accommodate all medical, cultural and traditional requirements. Once a month we have an International Cuisine Day, where residents choose which country’s specialty we are going
to taste.
How do families participate in the life of the home
At Ridgeway Rise care planning is
an ongoing, dynamic process, which starts with the initial assessment and then advances and transforms as time passes. Relatives and friends are invited to provide their input into tailoring care to suit residents’ needs, appreciate their choices and foster independence. We hold regular Relatives Meetings to give everyone an opportunity to get involved in the life of our Home.
Each day must bring new challenges and new successes, what is the best part of your job?
I love what I do and couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else. Every day
is so different in a care home and can amaze and surprise you on so many levels. I especially like moments when I introduce new residents to our Home. I enjoy getting to know them and learning about their life experiences. I treasure moments, when I find that very special memory from their past, which makes their heart sing and eyes sparkle when they tell the story, that will never get old.
And finally, if you could sum up your aim for your residents at Ridgeway Rise, what would that be?
Ridgeway Rise is about enrichment, happiness and pursuing dreams no matter the age and limitations life throws at you.
Contact us:
40 Richardson Road, Blundson St Andrew, Swindon SN25 4DS
Phone: 01793 987730

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