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                 get into the 'pension habit'
We are all aware that pensions and pension planning requires our attention, but it is
all too easy to put it in the ‘later’ tray and somehow never get around to it. We spoke to Nicola Glass of NFU Mutual in Marlborough about this really important aspect of financial planning - and how we can make the most of our hard-earned savings...
First of all, I guess that not everyone is aware that the NFU have pension experts available, tell us more......
Yes, NFU Mutual financial services must be one of our best kept secrets. Customers can access our range of solutions either via our financial advisers or by speaking to your local office.
For some people, retirement is already quite close, how can we make the most of our finances now, and in the future?
Pensions are one of the most tax efficient investment vehicles. You should be looking at how much you can afford to invest for the long term, whether this is done monthly or as a lump sum contribution. It’s likely that if you are close to retirement, pension contributions will be a better option for you than ISA’s.
Conversely for people starting out on their career path retirement can seem a long way away but how important is it to get into the ‘pension habit’ and what effect does it have on the amount of tax we pay?
Making the right decisions now will pay dividends for your future. For those who have lost their personal allowance, a well-planned pension contribution can regain it. Furthermore, for families who have had to pay back their child benefit, a contribution to a pension could claw this back. I would urge everyone to make the most of the opportunity.
As we are coming up to a new year – what is the one piece of advice you would give to all of us regarding our
pension plans?
Don’t put it off. Go and see a financial adviser, no customer is too big or too small. There is someone out there who can help to optimise your financial freedom.

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