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                The Marlborough Wellbeing Clinic & Shop
New owners of Marlborough Wellbeing Clinic, Jason and Michelle Redding, are Holistic Therapists offering Integrated Physical Medicine and Sports Therapy...
They bring a wealth of experience and also have an established practice in Calne. Believing in a down-to-earth and practical approach to Holistic Healing, a commitment to the treatment and to the self, is an essential part of therapy
Having accumulated experiences and practised various therapies over the years, therapeutically supported the England Hockey Masters with on numerous international tours for 5 years, and most recently completed a three year course studying Traditional Japanese Physical Medicine and Acupuncture, and how it has immediate effects on the muscle responses and the body’s ability to self-heal, they have an extensive tool box of skills to offer.
Marlborough Wellbeing Clinic offers a wide range of Physical, Holistic, Nutritional Aesthetic, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Advanced Reflexology services, to name but a few. We have an excellent team of multi skilled, knowledgeable and experienced therapists on hand, to not only physically and emotionally treat, but to also advise on the importance of diet and nutrition, and to additionally offer support with practitioner grade nutritional supplements and products from our shop.
For information on our full range of treatments and services provided, including courses, workshops and Yoga classes, please go to our web site or call
01672 513583.
 Professional Practioners | Accupunture Sports Therapy | Theraputic Massage Advanced Reflexology techniques | Nutritional Advice | Clinical Hypnotherapy | Counselling Yoga practice | Reiki
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 4 London Road, Marlborough, SN8 1PH
01672 513583
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