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                a moment for ourselves and if we can frame a moment in our day that was truly magical, we begin again to encourage helpful thinking that consequently results in positive emotions and well-being.
Having said that, from my own personal experience, gratitude practice has been be a long-term commitment. Rather than occasionally stopping and thinking about things that you are grateful
develop the length pupils can actively engage in a specific task, then we are onto something! When considering engagement in school, skill and challenge come hand in hand. Ultimately if we can match a suitably challenging task to a child’s skill set then we can create a state of ‘Flow’. Some of the characteristics of this state include absorption and loss
of self-consciousness. Most people will have experienced Flow, but probably do
“Pupil well-being is at the forefront of any quality school agenda. It is the framework which provides the emotional, spiritual and social support network to pupils in order to ensure that they flourish during their school years and beyond.”
make huge contributions to pupil well- being. By openly teaching children some of these ideas and the theory that underpins them, we as educators can help our pupils develop a set of skills that help them
to become not only robust, successful learners, but also individuals equipped with self-awareness and some techniques to help cope with the pressures and stains life will throw at them.
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for, begin to build this into your daily routine in the form of a discussion or
a journal. When gratitude becomes a daily practice, it is then when its true power is realised. In the school setting, this may be in the form of reflecting
on the day, stating what pupils are grateful for at the beginning of lunch or taking it further and encouraging daily journaling.
Pupil focus and engagement are also hugely influential when considering how to impact well-being. If schools can
not understand that we are witnessing our optimal learning state. I often see it in my son, when he is totally absorbed
in his play. In schools we can encourage Flow by ensuring that tasks are correctly pitched, but by also encouraging enhanced concentration by minimising distractions and teaching pupils how to organise their time to reduce the need
to multi-task so they can fully immerse themselves within one particular task.
Of course, there are many other strands of Positive Psychology and indeed Positive Education that are fascinating and
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