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  We asked Andrew Douglas, Partner at Awdry Bailey
& Douglas Solicitors who specialises in elderly care, for his views on this issue?
Does the Government
have a policy?
Yes, their 8th June 2017 election manifesto said so. In summary it said that people should fund their own care from assets including their house until they only have £100,000 remaining. The amount spent should however, be subject to a CAP on how much individuals however rich or poor should pay. The amount of the CAP was not specified.
What has happened to reform since the election?
The answer is nothing. The Government in its March 2017 Budget stated that a Green
Paper would be published. This statement was then made into
a manifesto commitment. Ever since it has been delayed and recently it has been stated that it will happen at the first opportunity in 2019 with no date being provided.
Has anything at all happened?
Only indirectly in the form of one actual stealth tax and one shortly to be stealth tax. The actual tax
is in the form of a trebling in the cost of death certificates from
£4 to £11 each. This was made effective from the 16th February 2019. The Proposed other stealth tax already made law by the
Non Contentious Probate fees Order 2018 increases the cost of obtaining a grant of Probate from a flat fee of £155 to a maximum fee on a sliding scale of £6,000. This tax is intended to become effective very shortly.
What has happened in respect of the status quo?
On the 23rd January 2019 the Government found time to confirm that for the ninth successive year people will still have to pay for all their care if their assets exceed £23,250. It remains the case
that the state will only ignore your assets when they reduce to £14,250.
Why is nothing happening?
It could be said that the problem is too difficult, which is true. The real reason however, and as we all know is because of the dreaded word BREXIT.
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What is Government Policy on Elderly Care reform?

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