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  its nearby exhibition. The cathedral, one of the earliest examples of Christian architecture in East Africa, is home to a special crucifix, made from the wood of the tree that grows on the site where David Livingstone's heart was buried.
Walking in Stone Town is a wonderful lesson in the different architectural forms of the empires that held influence here - it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name ‘Stone Town’ comes from the buildings that were built of Coral stone in the 19th century when this was a fishing village, but over time these buildings developed and the fabric of the town is
a bricolage of styles, from Ottoman archways and benches, British colonial balconies in teak and even styles reminiscent of the Maharajah. Stone Town is known for its large hardwood doors - traditionally armoured with brass spikes to stop them being rammed by war elephants, the doors became decorative significant - the carvings relating to the owner’s position, religious beliefs and their type
of employment.
Once you have dosed up on your fill of culture and architecture, it is the sea that starts calling. Zanzibar’s gentle, enveloping reef creates the perfect seas, and that combined with the cooling tradewinds, means its a fabulous place to get out into the water. The large reef gives guests at the nearby hotels the chance to reef walk at low tide or get out on a boat to snorkel
or dive. I was content to be out on the open water, watching the sun arc and set, turning the azure sea to a burnished gold, passing traditional dhow fishing boats - the mirror surface of the water only broken by the flight of a fish.
Zanzibar can give you all of the Indian Ocean delights, with crystalline sea, white sandy beaches and that famed laid-back African hospitality, but at
a fraction of the cost of neighbouring Mauritius and the Seychelles. It ticks boxes for so many different people - beautiful weather, ultimate relaxation, a host of activities and a sense of adventure. Exploring can take you from historic architecture to the primordial depths of forests and mangroves, to pristine beaches and to whole new level of relaxation.
From top: A boating trip, Loungers at the Zawadi Resort, Baraza's Ottoman-inspired hallways
• Ethiopian Airlines fly daily from London Heathrow and four times per week from Manchester to Addis Ababa and onto Zanzibar with a modern fleet. Lead in return fares start at £438 economy and £1620 business class, inclusive of all taxes, bookable online at www.ethiopianairlines. com; telephone 01753 967 980 or via travel agencies.
• Stay at the award winning Baraza Resort
& Spa, Zanzibar; www.baraza-zanzibar.
com which is part of the family owned
and managed Zanzibar Collection www. Rates on all- inclusive basis starting from £564 per villa per night for 2 guests sharing. Please book direct through or with any good travel operator. 69

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