Page 64 - Marlborough Living May June 2019
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  A refreshingly different way to finance your dream home...
Building the home of your dreams, or even a life-changing extension to your house, is one of the most exciting things you can do – but also one of the most daunting...
A vision to bring to life, decisions to be made at every step of the way: it can be exhausting. And it can also be hard work getting the right mortgage in place to enable you to realise your ambitions.
When it comes to getting the finance for their renovation or self-build, some home-owners from Marlborough and the surrounding villages have
found that there’s a bank that could be regarded as a best-kept secret. The local Handelsbanken team have been helping people in the area with mortgages for 12 years.
“We call Handelsbanken
a local relationship bank”, says Peter Wallis Individual Banking Manager. “We get to know each customer, listen to their needs and are able to make the major decisions here at the branch. As each customer gets their own
account manager, they can be reassured that there’s someone who is looking after their interests, and overseeing the mortgage process from start to finish.
“For instance, we were able to help a customer who wished to build an eco-style house in the garden of their Grade II listed home. Funding against the main residence we provided an arrangement whereby funds could be drawn-down as required as opposed to in stages against architect sign off, meaning
a more flexible and cost effective solution for the customer which met their
“We make the major decisions
here at the branch”

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