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Gardening also has its trends and fashionable focuses - Wyevale Garden Centres have put together a list of what's hot and what's not....
Gardeners are breaking the boundaries of traditional borders with a more relaxed approach, mixing bedding with perennials, shrubs, bulbs, grasses and vegetables, enforcing the ‘looks good and tastes good’ trend.
Savvy, urbanised gardeners are taking the ‘Grow Your Own’ sector in new directions, transforming hanging baskets and containers into miniature veg patches. Food provenance has never been more important and
the trend for home grown produce continues to rise.
The nation’s love of wildlife continues to infiltrate the gardening world. Nearly 70% of British gardeners buy food for wildlife or provide a home
for wildlife in their garden, and over 60% make a conscious effort to grow plants that benefit wildlife.
The millennial-driven craze for cacti and succulents continues, with sales up 50% YOY and miniature sizes
up 150% as Brits add the easy-care species to their homes, coffee tables and work desks.
In spring 2019, polystyrene and plastic bags will be scrapped from Wyevale Garden centres in favour
of eco-friendly alternatives, with 100% recyclable materials now used for all plant pots and pot bedding containers.
  Large lawns are giving way to
more adventurous, mixed garden landscapes as patios, decking and gravelled areas gain ground in the garden. The garden is becoming a multi-zoned space with areas carved out for different activities.
 Hard Landscaping
The late, great garden designer Rosemary Verey once said, ‘True gardening is as much about the bones of a garden as
it’s planting.’ - indeed, the success of a garden scheme often boils down to the hard landscaping - that is what allows your space to be functional and helps your carefully-selected plants to shine. Here are some top tips:
 How do I start my design?
Landscaping ideas start with good research - find out what you love and what you don't like by heading to garden centres, public gardens and getting online. Then, take to the drawing board to sketch your ideas and make mood boards from magazines and Pinterest of your dream garden landscape. Take into account your garden size and think about what you need your garden
to do for you - style is important, but so is practicality - it has to be easy to maintain.
Consider these important details:
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Walls and boundaries Hedges and fences Paths and patios
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