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If an Englishman’s home is his castle then he needs a designer to do it justice, and we had a chat to Jane Dodson of KSD Design about amazing spaces, and how to achieve them...
Living in Calne means that you are surrounded by the most beautiful Wiltshire landscapes, how does where you live affect your design palette?
I suppose that, in the time that I have been designing what I love to call amazing spaces, I have been continually influenced by the space itself, the people who inhabit it and their surroundings, and now I have the luxury of being able to absorb from the space I myself inhabit, so the palette continuously changes. I guess living in the countryside after London the whole aspect of what I see daily is a change – and a very beautiful one. I work from a studio in my garden surrounded by fabrics and all the exciting
reference material so that gives me added inspiration and ideas.
The scale of projects that you have worked on is incredibly varied, from the Berkeley Hotel to a London mews house- do you have a favourite project type?
Well my current project, whatever that
is, is my favourite and takes up most of my mental and physical energy. Equally
I really enjoy redesigning larger projects in the hotel sector as well as individual residential projects and of course the ongoing project of my own home,
though that is slightly on the back burner because of my current work level. As ever it is a case of “doctor heal thyself”!
Knowing that supply chains can be variable, how long before wanting completion should a client contact you?
Really as soon as they start thinking about it. There are a lot of supply chains to pull together and stock levels can be challenging – and you don’t want to live with an alternative when what you really love and want may take a few weeks more to arrive. After all you will have it for a long time so getting the perfect item is key to that.
And finally, in one sentence what do you love most about your job?
The variety of it. I like to get to know my clients, how they want to use the space and who will use it and then interpret that into a design that will work for them – that is so satisfying and what makes me love my job!
01962 760353 Jane Dodson, Deepwall House,
2015 Quemerford, Calne,
SN11 8JY

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