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I t's sad but true, but many of the renovations we make on our homes can end up costing hundreds, if not
thousands, more than the value they add. If you love them, then it's worthwhile, but if you're looking at ways to add lasting value to your home with future resale
in mind, then these are the savviest changes to make which should give you value in your investments.
Storage space is one of those things that we can never have enough of. Whether it is built-in wardrobes, under-stair cupboards, or using ceiling voids to create more storage space, you can never go wrong if that is how you choose to add your value. Particularly important in smaller homes where storage is at a premium - it is a clever and economical way to improve your home. Older properties tend to have lots
of spaces that could be transformed with specially-designed cabinetry.
Fitted wardrobes are also proving popular, making bedrooms more clutter- free and tapping in to the trend for sanctuary spaces.
Whether it's recent economic doom and gloom or a desire for a high level of quality, many people are choosing bespoke kitchens, often handmade in the UK. The beauty of this method of manufacturing is the complete control over both the final finish and the functionality of the units.
This bespoke joinery also extends
to specialist windows and doors, particularly for older properties. People buying quality period properties do not want to compromise the appearance
with UPVC doors and windows, replacing them with traditional timber units can greatly enhance the final finish and charm of the house.
Potential buyers can be put off before they even walk in the door if your entry looks tired - not to mention it won't be filling you with joy when you come home either. According to research by Dulux Weathershield, a third of people are willing to pay up to 25% more for a home or rental property with a freshly painted front door, smart brickwork, a well-kept garden and clean windows - that is a huge sum in real terms.
A new front door is a great start - choose a symmetrical design with clean lines.
If yours is in good condition, consider painting it in a new colour to give it a lift.
Symmetry and simplicity at the front
of a house is always a good idea. Consider positioning plants or tubs in equal number on each side for entrance impact. Outdoor lights also tend to look better in pairs. Try to keep the area
free of clutter. If that's not possible, think of storage solutions to keep your day-to-day items away and out of sight. Finally, add some visual interest with good quality door accessories, such as letterboxes, doorknobs and knockers, and try to ensure door furniture is in- keeping with the style and age of your property.
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