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                 Nissan Micra N-Sport
Motoring journalist Sue Cooke takes tries out the Nissan Micra N-Sport whilst suffering with sprained fingers...
It was not a good week for me to road
test the Nissan Micra. I had sprained the third and fourth finger of my left hand and unfortunately they were the fingers needed to lift up and push across the six speed manual gears into reverse. So I spent the week trying to avoid a painful reverse, which proved impossible.
However, other than when engaging reverse mode, driving this hatchback was a fun week. Nissan has added new features
to the 2019 Micra which include a more efficient turbocharged petrol engine with world first technology, linked to an Xtronic automatic gearbox. The model I road tested, was the new N-Sport grade.
I last drove the Micra in 2011 with its cute bubble shape exterior, which personally I never liked. The design is now a lot more grown up. The fifth generation Micra has a coupe style exterior helped by concealed door handles in the chrome rear door surround. The new N-Sport grade stands out from the crowd and is recognisable by a carbon style finish on the alloy wheels
and door mirror caps, gloss black finish on side mouldings and front and rear bumpers. There is an N Sport badge on the rear, halogen front fog lamps and rear privacy glass. It is available in four distinct body colours - Passion Red, Solid White, Echo Grey and Enigma Black.
The quality cabin is dark with black headliner; Alcantara® seats with leather- style parts and a racy stripe centre back. Press the push button start and the indicators on the dials swing from side to side in true racing car style. I like the large digital numbers which remind the driver of the speed that this sports car is achieving. And in contrary eco style, a dial displays how much CO2 emissions, the driver is saving as well as the mpg the driver is achieving.
The N-Sport may be more contemporary but there are lots of traditional features
in this small car, including a manual hand brake and a slick six speed manual gearbox. New technology includes a
full colour rear view camera with parking sensors. I found the longer than normal sun visor excellent for winter days when the sun sits low on the horizon and unceasingly blinds the driver.
I drove the powerful new DIG-T 117
PS petrol engine which comes with a lowered ride height, revised suspension, sharper steering and a breathless
whistle. Developed by the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, the three-cylinder 1 litre powerplant provides a more performance- oriented drive, with 180 Nm of torque plus an additional 20 Nm on the overboost. The result is a 0-62mph time of 9.9 seconds.
In the rear, the large boot will hold 300
litres and with rear seats lowered, capacity increases to 1004 litres. There is even space for a full-size wheel.
The new Nissan Micra is an attractive
and practical hatchback and with the N-Sport grade is bound to attract younger customers, or those just wanting a bit
of fun.
MODEL: : Nissan Micra N-Sport
PRICE: £19,580 otr
ENGINE: DIG-T 117 3 cylinder 1 litre petrol
PERFORMANCE: 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 121mphCO2
47.9mpg WLTP
CO2 emissions: 133g/km
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