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                 PROJECT: BATHROOM
Bathrooms are big projects and require proper planning and a good workforce. It's one of the most practical spaces in the home and has to stand up to lots of traffic. Think about who uses the space and what they require. If it's a family bathroom, maximise storage to reduce clutter. If it's for a couple, consider two sinks and a well-lit vanity unit.
You can look to minimise your costs by keeping as much of the original layout the same as before and by removing old tiles and suites yourself.
TIME: Three to five weeks
S TA R T: No later than 14th November
Pacific - White Matt - Mereway Group
Electric showers have had a makeover making them more compact and stylish than ever - this elegant electric shower is ideal for any contemporary bathroom. Switch between the luxurious deluge overhead or separate shower head. Features Mira Clearscale technology
for a better performing, longer lasting shower. Multiple finishes available
Mira Decor Shower,
Storage is key in a bathroom to keep it looking tidy and for daily maintenance. Keeping the sides clear means you can have easy daily wipe downs. Products can be kept in vanity units with drawers for easy access or cases to keep them sorted and tidy.
This bathroom has been given a quick refresh with a bedroom dresser, re- purposed as a vanity unit with a smart marble top and a lovely focal wall of wallpaper. The circular mirror and brass taps keep the look contemporary.
Kompass 2 Drawer Unit, total price £795,
Beautify Grey Velvet Caddy,
We don't all have the time or budget for a new bathroom, but you can really improve it with some little updates. Some ideas:
• Give it a good scrub and tidy away clutter - throw away products older than 9 months and invest in some storage.
• Tidy discoloured grout using a grout pen.
• Use specialist paint to paint tiles - you can really transform an outdated
bathroom with this.
• Consider covering a grimy shower tray with a wooden slatted insert -
teak is the best material.
• Replace the shower curtain and refresh the fittings like towel rail and
toilet roll holders.
• Invest in a new mirror - this can be really transformative. If you have a
busy family bathroom, consider one with storage.
• Get accessorising! Buy some new towels, add some decorative
elements like candles and plants and even replace the blind.

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