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Lighting in kitchens is essential - lights under top cupboards, inside cabinets and pendants over islands will give you a flexible space.
 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Louis Blue, £19.95 per litre
The heart of the home, a new kitchen can be wonderful in time for Christmas, but beware, don't underestimate the time it could take or you may be left in a nightmare. Remember, this is something you have to live with long term and is likely the single biggest expenditure you'll have - don't rush it!
Though of course it depends on the size and type of kitchen remodel, an average kitchen takes between four to six weeks to remodel fully, not including the planning and design phase.
TIME: Four to six weeks
S TA R T: No later than 9th November
Left it too late and feeling sad about a tired kitchen? If you've got wooden units, you can easily redecorate them with a lick of paint - it's a great interim solution.
We love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for its range of colours and the fact you don't need to sand before
you paint.
With kitchens, it's not so much about trends, but new innovations. Shaker styles and
more simple handle-less designs will remain stylish, but new updates like clever drawers, convenient power sockets and smart storage are great updates.
Putney Shaker Kitchen Glass Cabinet,
 Products from
Hands up those of us who have a guest bedroom that spends more of its time as a family dumping ground? Whether its the home of the laundry, the gym equipment, home office or just where the cat likes to kip, the guest bedroom is often seldom- used and underloved.
Prior to guests arriving, try and spend a night in there to see where it doesn't match up. Is the bed comfortable, do the blinds block out
light, is there ample space for bags and
other belongings? If might be that all you need are some new soft furnishings, or
new flooring and a fresh paint job might be the ticket.
T I M E : project complexity dependent
START: by 4th Dec
Bamboo Bedding Set, £92,
Lighting is as important in a guest room as all over the house - make sure there are nice bedside
lights for reading and perhaps a standing lamp for added warmth.
Orris Table Lamp Base in cream, £123,

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