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                The Devil is in the Detail
I do love to follow a hunch. Not always successfully, but very often most satisfying. Of course Google is an absolute Godsend in this respect!
Consider this envelope, sent from a father to his son:
Not very dramatic at first sight, until I got behind the address. Obviously Tangmere = Battle of Britain, but I discovered that 92 Squadron was kitted with Spitfires and moved to Croydon; it supported the Dunkirk Evacuation and was also in the thick of the Battle of Britain. On researching Flying Officer Williams, I found his picture:
He was a Shropshire born lad who’d taken part in both the above campaigns and was killed in action just 8 months after receiving this envelope; he was aged just 20. His tally was 5 definite kills, 2 shared kills and 5 probables. He was recommended for the DFC posthumously but it was it was never gazetted.
I plan to give up my shop in October 2020; my second and final retirement! It has been most satisfying and interesting. If anyone is tempted to take it on, do please contact me to discuss.
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