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 Giggling Squid brings a taste of Thailand to Leamington Spa
Food with personality, cooked by expert chefs and served with Thai generosity...
Officially open on 14th October the restaurant brings its tasty Thai flavours, fresh ingredients and welcoming dining experience to Priors Shopping Centre.
Giggling Squid is all about how people eat their meals in Thailand. Sharing and celebrating an abundance of flavours and fresh ingredients, whether you have more adventurous tastes or prefer simple and satisfying.
Thai-born Pranee Laurillard and her husband Andrew, founders of Giggling Squid – the nickname of one of their children – are to bring the real Thai eating experience to the UK. They felt the
food scene was missing that Bangkok feel - energetic, informal, adventurous, where food is celebrated and you don’t have to dress up to enjoy it. At the heart of Giggling Squid is that spirit of Thai mealtimes – an abundance of delicious food to be shared and enjoyed together. No standing on ceremony, just a great time, over something tasty.
A true labour of love, and taking inspiration from Thai traditions and legends, as well as Pranee’s own food memories, the Giggling Squid menu features vibrant, fresh and flavoursome dishes celebrating the abundance of exciting and exotic ingredients found across Thailand. Located in Royal
Priors Shopping Centre Leamington
Spa foodies can look forward to trying Giggling Squid favourites, such as the bestselling Salt & Pepper Squid (fresh squid with a touch of salt and pepper
in a light, crispy coating) and creamy Massaman Curry (a legendary flavoured curry, simmered in coconut milk and perfumed with cumin, cinnamon and
star anise). The popular lunchtime menu includes the great value tapas sets with fun names such as the Starving Squid, which give guests a selection of dishes in smaller portions – perfect for those who find it hard to decide! Vegetarian options and a separate vegan menu are also available.
Giggling Squid Leamington Spa 7 Satchwell Court, Royal Priors Shopping Centre,
Royal Leamington Spa
CV32 4QE li@GigglingSquid
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