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Volkswagen e-Golf
A classic, electrically remastered. Motoring Journalist Sue Cooke takes the new Volkswagen E-Golf out for a spin...
I have just found a fantastic benefit
to having an electrically powered car.
Last Sunday I headed over to my favourite place for clothes shopping, a designer outlet. I usually try to avoid the weekend so I was totally unprepared
for the heaving queues of traffic and
the prospect of having to park a twenty minute walk away from the shops. I asked a stressed looking security guy where the electric charging bays were and tried not to consider what I would do if they were all full. I had a 55 mile return journey and only 12 miles range left and nought on the dial means nought.
There were eight charging points, with six empty bays, sitting right by the shops! Wonderful! It is really simple to waft a little card over the charging pod, which gives you access to the electricity, then plug one end of a lead into the pod and the other end into the car. On the Volkswagen e-Golf, it is in the same position as you would find the combustion fuel filler cap.
The reading on the dashboard said 4.5 hours to fully charge. What an invitation to wander off and shop for 4.5 hours! And we didn’t even have to lug around heavy bags. Our close location meant we could nip back every now and again and pack a few more bags into the large boot which holds 341 litres which increases to 1231 litres with the rear seats down.
The e-Golf has the same virtues of practicality and advanced technology as the traditional Golf. Standard features include adaptive cruise control, city emergency braking system, driver alert system, climate control, automatic driving lights and rain sensor, parking sensors front and rear and a Navigation system with 8 inch colour touchscreen. I was surprised to find a single CD player with eight speakers. I haven’t seen one of those in a car for several years.
From the exterior the e-Golf can be identified by its C shaped LED daytime running lights, a signature blue strip running the width of the radiator grille and a blue edged VW roundel. The interior includes blue stitching on the upholstery and the option of blue ambient lighting. The e-Golf will power to 62mph in 9.6 seconds and goes on to a top speed of 93mph. What I like about this electrically propelled car is the smooth deceleration. On other electrically powered cars I have road tested, if you lift your right foot
off the accelerator, the car comes to a sudden full stop. The e-Golf operates the same as a fuel propelled car and slows gradually.
The Golf has always been at the heart
of the VW brand and over the years has stood for progress and technology. It was
the Golf which made safety technology affordable for millions of people for the first time and it is the e-Golf with zero emissions and a driving range of 124 miles that is leading the electric evolution.
You can charge the e-Golf from a household three pin socket but the recharge will take 17 hours. There
is an optional home wallbox and to recharge using this, it takes 10 hours 50 minutes. VW says the battery can be fully recharged to 80 per cent capacity in just 45 minutes, using the standard combined charging system and a DC supply. In these wintry months, there is an optional heat pump which reduces electricity consumption for heating and air conditioning which can increase the range in cold weather by up to 20 per cent.
In 2020 VW launches the ID.3 electric hatchback which will underpin a whole range of pure electric ID. vehicles, as Volkswagen aims for electromobility leadership. The company says it is building electric cars for millions, not millionaires. And has recently announced a reduction of £2,765 on the popular hatchback so the all electric e-Golf now costs from £25,575.
 Facts at a Glance
Model: VW e-Golf
Price: £25,575 OTR RRP
Power: Electric motor powered by lithium-ion 35.8kWh/323 volt battery
Performance: 0-62 mph in 9.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 93 mph
CO2 emissions: zero
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