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How a passion for antiques, India and innovation led Christo McKinnon-Wood to an amazing discovery for Wilstone Limited...
Designed in England, handmade in India, the Kadai is a barbecue and fire bowl in one; with a range of award-winning cookware accessories.
Innovation is key to the great success of Kadai® by Wilstone, who have been on the leading edge of fire bowl cooking for the last decade. Their approach brings together the traditional skills of artisan producers with innovative designs that have shaped the way fire bowl cookery has evolved. Quality, authenticity and environmental responsibility combine to create a product, brand and service that you can truly rely on.
The name ‘Kadai’ is taken from a traditional Indian hand-
beaten riven cooking bowl which has been used across India at weddings, festivals and ceremonies for hundreds of years.
A greener, more attractive option to patio heaters, the Kadai adds a romantic and social centrepiece to your garden. It continues
to bring pleasure to small gatherings, parties, weddings and festivals all over the world. With over 200 stockists, Wilstone is one of the largest suppliers of firebowls in the UK.
With the simple addition of a grill, the Kadai can be transformed into the perfect barbecue.
The Winter Warmer Offer includes the new 60cm Tula Firepit, hand-beaten from one piece of thick steel to form a beautiful Kadai with robust hand-forged handles, a Low Stand and Tongs to enjoy purely as a firepit. Wilstone have also teamed up with local companies “Certainly Wood” and “Shropshire Spice” who have provided a wood starter kit and a selection of spices which, together with the Cooking Tripod and Bowl, creates the perfect Christmas gift.
Price £188.00 see or call 01694 771800.

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