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                 12 Drainage Days of Christmas
Planning for Christmas is often overwhelming due to the long list of jobs to do before the office shuts down. We want to make sure your Christmas holidays go smoothly without any emergencies and take the pressure off your team...
 We have put together
12 Drainage Days of Christmas
1. Wrap up your outdoor pipes to prevent burst pipes
2. Clear out the gutters of leaves and debris to prevent damp
3. Service the HVAC system to ensure it working efficiently
4. Clean the grease trap to prevent bad odours in the kitchen
5. Descale the toilets for free flow
6. Stock up on grit to ensure paths are kept free
7. Trim back trees to prevent gutters blocking with leaves
8. Ensure reception areas have mats down to prevent slips and trips
9. Make staff aware of travel expectations during bad weather
10. Safeguard pumping stations by making sure services are up to date and alarm systems are functional
11. Repair any damaged manhole covers to prevent trip hazard
12. Book in with Clear Drains to ensure you have a stress free Christmas
 Clear Drains has over 50 years experience and autumn/winter seasons are our most busy time of the year. Clear Drains was established in 1968 operating from the Headquarters in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. We are one of the only organisations to offer a total drainage solution for commercial, industrial and public sector organisations on a local and national basis throughout the UK. We also have a large domestic client base that use a range of our services to ensure their property is kept in tip top condition.
Let us help with winter maintenance
We know Christmas is a busy time
of year, so we hope the 12 days of Christmas will help you organise your schedule. Clear Drains is unlike many other drainage companies, they provide fixed price quotations for all pre-planned maintenance work and provide low call out costs for local Marlow business if an emergency is required.
All our estimators have over 35 year’s experiences and seen nearly everything. They have worked through many winters as drainage engineers, consultants and estimators and will have the expertise to advise the best way to utilise budget to minimise winter related problems.
Our call out crews are available 24/7 365 days of the year, so if you do encounter an issue just call
0333 241 2341 or email us on
Wishing you a stress free Christmas and New Year
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