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         TV Producer Pete Lawrence (@digthisfood) has known Paul Ainsworth for many years and made several TV shows with him- most recently a series for the One Show about the fishing Industry. Pete talked to Paul about his passion for food and his latest culinary adventures...
Engage Paul Ainsworth in a conversation about an ingredient and the light in his eyes will dazzle you. He is genuinely excited by quality produce and eager to make it as delicious as it can be - whether it is fillet of turbot or half a turnip, Paul will eagerly transform it into a culinary masterpiece. His passion and expertise is infectious and it’s no wonder that he now has added ‘television presenter’ to his skillset, alongside chef and businessman.
Paul’s culinary empire, which he runs with his wife Emma, is based in the North Cornish town of Padstow and nearby Rock. There was a
time when Padstow was dubbed ‘Padstein’ by the locals as Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant became synonymous with the area but in
fact Paul’s fine dining restaurant Number 6 is the only eaterie in town to hold a Michelin star. Alongside the restaurant is Paul’s cookery school and ‘chef experience’ restaurant Mahe, opened in July this year. Paul also caters for the many families who flock to Padstow each year with Rojano’s on the square and his most recent acquisition to the Ainsworth family is The Mariner’s Arms, a
short ferry ride across the estuary
in Rock. Add to this the luxury accommodation of The Townhouse and you can see why Paul has become such a key player in the local hospitality industry.
One thing I know about Paul from working with him is his dedication and hard work. Once he commits
to something he gives it his all. Exemplified by running in the London Marathon this year, raising over £43,000 for Pancreatic Cancer UK in honour of his late father. He is also very loyal and supportive of his staff, which may explain why you see the same faces working there each time you visit. They all demonstrate the same pride in the dishes that Paul does and rightly so.
PL: What made you go to Padstow in the first place?
PA: In truth a business opportunity arose and I realised I could create
a restaurant that would compliment the existing local food scene. I didn’t need to go into competition with the established restaurants but I knew I could offer a style of food that would give people some delicious alternatives to what was already there.
"Engage Paul Ainsworth in a conversation about an ingredient and the light in his eyes will dazzle you."

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