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                 have you ever thought about hosting an international student?
With the number of international students coming to UK boarding schools, the need for educational guardians is on the increase, and with this host families to look after them when they are unable to travel home during the short school holidays.
Families with children of their own, those with “empty nest syndrome” or grandparents to name a few, all benefit from hosting international students.
From a cultural or language perspective, offering a caring home to a students will certainly help to enhance their learning experience and life in the UK.
Hosting can be short term from just a few weekends a year or half term holidays and some of the longer school holidays, it really can be very flexible.
The experience that a child has when staying with a host can bring lifelong friendships. From learning to adapt to life in the beautiful English countryside, to life in a large busy city, from learning to bake bread to sharing with your host how to cook the best noodles!
There really is something for everyone. Why not go to our website and watch Jen’s Story (you find this on our homepage then register for this wonderful experience? In exchange for your hospitality you will receive a generous compensation package.
For information please contact
For children attending boarding school in the UK whose parents are based overseas. Our hosts look after children during some half term holidays and occasional weekends. In exchange for your hospitality you will receive a generous compensation package as well as the invaluable experience hosting an international student brings.
 01684 581600
or email:,uk

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