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The passion for nostalgic foods began with
their mothers and grandmothers planting the seeds on how traditional cooking is inspiring and delicious without having to use complicated recipes. They research the traditional recipes from earlier years which have led to the best
of their national character and pride showing through. Jurassic Cottage Foods have put this passion into their products from traditional jams, chutneys and pickles to their fresh ranges.
 Dorset Shellfish are a family fishing business made up of Graham and his son Karl. They fish off of Weymouth and off of Portland, weather and tide permitting for crab, lobster and line caught sea bass, which is all sustainably caught. Shore based Caroline and daughter Stef cook the crab and lobster, hand-pick the crab meat and make award winning dressed crabs, pates, crab cakes and soups. They sell these at Dorset Farmer’s Markets, food festival and shows.
D’Urberville Vineyard, situated in the charming village of Bradford Peverell, outside Dorchester, is Dorset’s newest producer of English Sparkling Wine. With not one, but two Silver Medals under their belt in the first year, they are excited to showcase the First Release of D’Urberville English Sparkling Wine. With each vine being carefully tended to by hand, they have created a sumptuous and sophisticated sparkling wine with a fine bead of bubbles; perfect for all occasions!
Elaionaki is a small family producer of extra virgin olive oil based in Poundbury. The oil
is sourced solely from their 60 ancient trees in South Pelion, Greece. With its low acidity and as a 100% natural product derived from cold pressing the olives by purely mechanical methods, it maintains its biochemical properties meaning it’s beneficial to your health. You can find these beautiful 500ml and 250ml bottles at events, festivals and by contacting: or 07810762754
Oliver and Penny fell into cider making almost by accident; Oliver
is an international metal
sculptor who, in 2006
needed a barn outside of a village to craft his sculptures - this barn happened to have 3000 prime cider apple trees. Since then Dorset Nectar Cider has gone from strength to strength, winning
many local and prestigious awards year on year crafting new cider blends and always trying something new. They use only the best quality apples from their own orchards and local growers who have a great understanding and reputation for quality. www.dorset-

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