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   Left to right: Clinic Owner, Louisa Franzen and Dr Victoria Beedham
 Dr Victoria Beedham Clinical
Aesthetics, The Highbrow
Clinic Dorchester
We speak with Dr Victoria Beedham about her medical background, how to take the right course of treatment and what advice she would give to anyone considering aesthetic treatments...
 Can you tell us a little bit more about your medical background?
I qualified as a doctor in 2001 and became a GP in 2005. Dermatology and skin soon became my passion
and I obtained the Diploma in Practical Dermatology in 2010.
This enables me to see and treat patients with dermatological issues within my GP practice. I am also trained in advanced Botulinum Toxin A injections and dermal fillers, and these are the treatments I provide at The Highbrow Clinic.
Our Skin is the largest organ in our body, but we don’t always give it the care it needs – how can we look to reduce the toll time has taken on our skin?
Where do I start? That is an article in itself but mainly sun and cigarettes! 90% of skin ageing is due to UV light. Using
a medical grade high SPF cream every day of the year is key in preventing long- term damage. I see the harmful effects
of smoking on the skin every day – dry, discoloured, wrinkled and nutrient- starved skin is the inevitable result of smoking. Our skin creases when we move our face, these creases eventually become wrinkles. By relaxing the muscles that make the wrinkles with my muscle relaxant injections, we can prevent those wrinkles if we start early enough. So as you can see, my aesthetic treatments are often preventative measures.
Celebrity magazines are full of surgery images gone wrong and as such some treatments can seem really daunting
– can you tell us more about the consultation process and choosing the correct treatment course?
I can understand why it may be quite daunting for a client. I offer a free, no-
obligation face-to-face consultation to talk about a client’s concerns, no matter how small they may seem. This can be up to an hour long. I first discuss their wishes and worries and often ask them to show me a photo of themselves and tell me what they don’t like about it. Most importantly I assess whether the client can safely have the treatment. We discuss a detailed medical history and allergies. I offer the client a cooling-off period then at the next appointment
we discuss any concerns or questions then proceed to treatment. All my clients can contact me on my personal mobile number after the procedure, should
they have any questions. It is important to remember that these treatments are medical procedures: safety is paramount. With my clinical background I am uniquely placed to manage and anticipate clinical risks where non-medical aesthetic clinicians cannot.
Can you use fillers and muscle relaxants and still look natural? Absolutely, natural faces are my speciality. My aim is to enhance our natural, beautiful features which we all possess. I want their friends and family to say “wow, you look well” and not “what have you had done?”.
With new clients, who have never had
a dermal filler procedure before, I often recommend small volumes first to get used to how it feels. It’s always easier to have a little more and a lot more difficult to take it away!
Typically, what issues are your clients looking to address?
Firstly, the signs of ageing: wrinkles; fine lines; and deep contours around the mouth. These I can treat with anti-wrinkle injections or fillers. Secondly, clients are
looking to enhance particular aspects of their features, especially cheeks and lips. These can be enhanced beautifully with carefully placed fillers.
I can also help with excessive armpit sweating, which can be treated very effectively with the same injection used to treat wrinkles and can have a life changing effect.
Finally, what advice would you give
to anyone considering aesthetic treatments?
Considering a treatment can be very daunting. If you are contemplating an injectable procedure, I would always advise clients to see a medically trained practitioner – a nurse practitioner or Doctor. All practitioners should be a member of Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) and follow the latest evidence-based guidelines on managing aesthetic complications. All practitioners should offer a no obligation consultation to discuss the clients issues and concerns and you should never be coerced into having a treatment.
Please come and see me at the stunning Highbrow Clinic in Dorchester where
I work alongside the talented Louisa who performs semi-permanent makeup and HD brows, chemical peels and dermaplaning. We also stock the a amazing Alumier MD medical skin care range. These treatments can be used alongside my injectable treatments to produce beautiful and natural results.
Call: 01305 269220 | 07730401566 Email: The Highbrow Clinic,
9 Pope Street, Brewery Square, Dorchester
DT1 1GW 19

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