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Hair just about had enough of winter? Or living with issues that are perfectly treatable? Here’s our guide to those common hair woes and how to tackle them...
  Dry & damaged
The first tip to combat damaged hair is to head to the hairdressers regularly - frequent trims will ensure hair health in the long run.
The next is to be aware of ingredients in your products; most shampoos are filled with sulphates - they’re the ingredient that causes the wash to lather and are typically the big hitter when it comes to cleansing. Sulphates can make hair more dry and can exacerbate eczema or scalp conditions.
Cleansing Conditioners have stormed into the market - cleaning the hair without stripping any of the natural oils - meaning it should help if you’re struggling to
get your hair to feel manageable. Our favourite is the brand that pioneered this idea, HairStory. From the founders of Bumble & Bumble, HairStory focuses on no-nonsense hair care free of sulphates and parabens - their New Wash a cult product because of its amazing results. £44, 236ml,
Top Tips: Avoid harsh chemicals in hair care products, visit the salon regularly, sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid friction, use a hair mask once or twice a week, reduce use of heat stylers.
Bespoke Hair Care
How about a shampoo and conditioner set created entirely
for you? Made exactly to your specifications - catering for all
your personal hair goals, in a
colour you like, with the perfect fragrance (or fragrance free) and even personalised with your name! Function of Beauty is the American start up doing just that, and the results are excellent. Take the online hair quiz and receive your bespoke product. Prices start at £28
Thinning Hair
Many men struggle with thinning hair, which can really dent the confidence. Before more invasive procedures are considered, a great interim solution comes from Jamie Stevens’s MR. range - a collection of products designed exclusively to help disguise balding areas. The set consists
of Hair Fibres with a specialist applicator to distribute thickening
particles to coat each strand of hair which is followed by the Disguise Spray, coloured to give
the illusion of thicker locks. MR. Diguise Spray and Hair Fibres, both £18, Boots and
If you also want to help stimulate
growth, Grow Gorgeous has a great
range of products designed to stimulate the scalp. Their Hair Growth Serum combines
Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise the scalp with
Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 and Clover Flower Extract to
help increase hair density. Combined with their Hair Density Shampoo and Conditioner Delivering gentle,
yet effective cleansing to prevent damage to hair, the set is ideal for slow-growing and thinning hair, or for
weak fibres in need of strengthening and repair.
Serum, £30 60ml, Shampoo and Conditioner £19
each, 190ml, all or
For added volume and to keep on top of greasiness between washes, HairStory’s Powder is perfect - it boosts roots as well as refreshing hair. Powder, £39,
Top tips: Use root stimulating serum to help thicken hair, make sure you have a diet rich in B-Vitamins or take supplements.

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