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   If you are running a business or are contemplating starting a business, Being Your Best can help you.
the purpose of ‘Being Your Best’, is to help people find ways to get the best out of themselves and their businesses. Run by chartered accountants, Rosy
Jeffery and David Challenger, Being Your Best has a robust approach to the financial aspects of a business, whilst fully embracing the fact that the finances are the outcome of human behaviour. They have a particular fascination with the human condition and love the opportunity for personal development which they believe should be an integral part of running a business.
If you are starting up in business but are not quite sure how to make it happen, they can help you get things moving. They can help you develop a business plan, and if necessary they can help you approach lenders or investors. Taking the first step can be the hardest part, and Being Your Best can guide you through this.
If you are already in business, it may be that you are feeling unsatisfied with the way things are. You may feel that the money should be flowing more easily, or that you have too little time for yourself, or that you need a clearer sense of direction. ‘Being Your Best’ can help you take a step back from your business to contemplate why things are as they are, and what can be done to improve them.
They do this by helping you thoroughly review your business as it is, working out where there are problems and inefficiencies, putting actions into place to iron these out, and then developing a plan for the next few years.
As part of this process Rosy and David will work with you to ensure that you are clear about the reasons behind your decisions, and ensure they accord with your objectives for your life as a whole.
Being Your Best works with many types of businesses, ranging from sole traders, to limited companies with several directors and any number of employees. Rosy and David would always be happy to meet you to chat about how
they could help you, so feel free to contact them with no obligation.
Contact Rosy Jeffery to arrange a free initial meeting: T: 01297 445544 E:

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